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Business cards are marketing tools as much as sources of information

Business cards may be the most ubiquitous personal marketing medium around, but far too many professionals use them in dull and uninspired ways. For a device that is meant to attract the attention of potential customers or business partners, it is surprising that so few get creative in developing their cards.

As they are small and one of the more inexpensive marketing investments a business or professional can make, business cards are a marketing must in today's business environment.

"A marketing business card states [a name, company name, address phone, fax and perhaps e-mail] but also states at least one very powerful reason to do business with you and perhaps even an offer that helps the person who receives the card become interested right away," writes Duct Tape Marketing.

This statement is what marketing professionals call a Unique Selling Proposition. USPs succinctly proclaim the most significant value of doing business with you. Usually it is a company motto, such as FedEx's "On time every time or it's free," but they can also be a brief description of the services you provide.

Aside from including a USP, business card holders should consider embracing graphic design techniques as well. No matter how intriguing a USP or offer may be, unique visuals are what will initially attract your targeted audiences.

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