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Business Card Printing and Marketing Tips for Professionals

While new services such as Hashable are popping up left and right to provide digital alternatives to print business cards, the traditional format seems to be remaining strong.

 In spite of drastic declines in revenue in other printing sectors, such as newspaper advertising and book publishing, the $1.2 billion business card industry has remained level.

Still, different business cards serve different functions, and for each style, there is a favored marketing or promotional method.

"Someone in the financial industry, for instance, might want a card that conveys a sense of trustworthiness and dependability," points out Susan Orr for the Evansville Courier & Press. "Someone in the music industry might want to convey innovation and creativity."

Even then, there are numerous design styles that can address what sort of image or reputation a professional hopes to create.

"If you want your card to stand out from the crowd," Orr adds, "consider using texture or shape. Embossed lettering, for instance, creates a textured feel."

A recent survey from the online business community Manta found nearly half – 47 percent – of businesses plan to focus their budgets on marketing this year. For solo entrepreneurs and self-employed professionals, business cards may be your best self-marketing tool.

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