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Business Card Origami: Who Says Business Can’t Be Fun?

All work and no play makes everybody cranky. So if you need a little break, you can use your business card to entertain yourself. Here are a couple of basic projects. If you get hooked, just search for business card origami on the internet and you’ll find plenty of plans to keep you busy for a long time.

Ninja Star

Here’s a simple creation that requires just 4 standard business cards.


  1. Fold the card in half.
  2. Unfold it.
  3. Fold half of the top edge down to the crease in the center you made.
  4. Fold the other top half to the same crease.
  5. Fold it in half again along the crease from the first step.

ninja throwing star

Make 4 of those and then slide them into each other with the two small edges being a tab and the side opposite the big point being a slot. Friction will hold thick cards together well enough for display, but if you want to throw them, glue would be required.

Business Card Cubes

The cube requires six business cards.


  1. Start by placing two cards across each other at right angles.
  2. Center them as best as possible to make a + sign.
  3. Next, fold the flaps of the bottom card over the top card.
  4. After this step, turn them over and repeat the flap folds.
  5. Now, pull the two cards apart and make six total cards.

Six steps of folding card pieces

Six of these folded cards can be assembled as shown in the next diagram to make a cube.
All flaps must be on the outside of the finished cube.
Six steps of assembling card pieces

If you are really ambitious, and have 66,048 business cards, you can create this impressive structure known as Menger’s Sponge.

Menger’s sponge – named for its inventor Karl Menger (1902-1985) – is a fractal solid that can be described as follows: take a cube, divide it into 27 (3 x 3 x 3) smaller cubes of the same size; now remove the cube in the center of each face plus the cube at the center of the whole. You are left with a structure consisting of the eight small corner cubes plus twelve small edge cubes holding them together.

Now, imagine repeating this process on each of these remaining 20 cubes.
Repeat again. And again, ad infinitum … Better not try this one at work!

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