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Business Card Design Ideas for 2011

Recently updated on February 9th, 2021 at 07:42 pm

Business cards are ubiquitous, expected, and for the most part – forgettable.

While we live in a digital world, the tactile reassurance of a business card imparts credibility and in many ways is an essential branding element in every marketing campaign.

Here are a ten business card designs that do their best to create a lasting impression while informing the recipient of the nature of the business and, at the same time, helping to establishing a brand identity. 1. The use of a die-cut comb instantly communicates hair care, while the pink color must be a thematic color of the salon and certainly catches the eye.” alt=”image 2. This card lights up in the dark! A great way to inform people of the connection to electronic technology while being playful and fun. 3. This card lets you know that this is a furniture store at a single quick glance. It’s a memorable and fun idea that gets the recipient involved. 4. Pop-ups are easy to construct and stand out from the ordinary business card no matter what business you are in. 5. A great way for an artist to stand out. We expect creativity in visuals; this is a nice twist that incorporates a unique structure as well. 6. A very clever idea –this card clearly communicates hair care and gives the recipient a gift, too. Different colors of the pins are a nice touch. 7. Take note of this card that allows the recipient to take notes. A great device for involving the audience. 8. People who have pianos and care enough to keep them repaired will love being able to keep a piano in their pocket or on their desk. 9. Simply clever. Plus, everybody knows that the dentist is always reminding us to floss. (I’d like to see one for an optometrist now…) 10. Another complex die-cut, this designer sets forth some of the tools of the trade to communicate his line of expertise. Fun and memorable.

Ideas that use shape to reinforce the business are excellent in helping to reinforce the brand identity. And while your budget may not allow such creative latitude, you can check out some origami designs that may get you thinking in terms of interactivity. If you can get someone to play with your business card, it will be held in a person’s hands longer and be more likely to be kept.

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