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Brooklyn small businesses launch postcard campaign

A number of Brooklyn-based charities and organizations launched a postcard campaign to promote local small businesses earlier this month. Heart of Brooklyn, a cultural partnership, teamed up with other small business collaboratives to deliver hundreds of promotional postcards throughout the Prospect Heights neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York.

Called “Extraordinary People, Places and Deals in the Heart of Brooklyn,” the campaign involves 23 different local businesses with each one featuring an “extraordinary deal” to be redeemed with one of the hundreds of campaign postcards handed out through the neighborhood.

“With the Extraordinary People campaign, we hope to introduce visitors and residents to the amazing small businesses and hardworking owners that are our community’s backbone,” remarked Ellen F. Salpeter, director of Heart of Brooklyn.

The initiative emphasizes an interest in grassroots visual marketing to promote small business growth. Prospect Heights is a historic brownstone neighborhood that has experienced significant economic growth in recent years. With successful campaigns such as the one initiated by Heart of Brooklyn, many residents have linked small business investment to broader neighborhood growth.

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