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Brochures Used As Lexicon and Mapping Tool

While most people associate brochures with travel and tourist attractions, many companies and organizations are using these print materials to share information and market their brands. TIC Gums recently released its latest brochure that provides users with an entire new vocabulary for describing the texture of food and beverages and a six step mapping process for food scientists to use when developing food and beverages.

The brochure unites the two tools and creates a value product with defined, clearly mapped criteria for the user to access. TIC Gums uses unique language to describe the texture trying to be achieved in the development of food and beverages. The printed brochure offers a convenient resource of guidance for food scientists that is easy to transport and filled with both rich content and detailed graphics so it is easy to understand.'

Brochures are most effective when properly displayed in a translucent brochure holder. The graphics on the exterior are visible, so as to attraction the consumer's eye. And the holder can display numerous brochures at once so consumers will peruse the options, thus increasing the odds of piquing their interest.

Because they hold valuable information about the company, organization, brand, product or service holders must be placed strategically along the natural gaze of the consumer so they can be attracted it its display and explore the brochures individually. The holder must be easily accessible by the consumer so they do not feel like they are going out of their way to grab the brochures.  

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