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Brochures help consumers understand products and fundraise for a campaign

Brochures offer companies with an easy way to illustrate and define products and their specifications through graphics and descriptive content. Diba Industries recently launched a new Fitting Systems brochure that helps customers understand the different options available to them when selecting an automotive product from the company’s inventory.

According to TMD Online, the brochure acts as a selection guide for consumers looking for more information on port threads, tub ODs and pressure ratings when choosing a fitting system. Product images with accompanying descriptions are organized by part numbers displayed on a large graphic breaking down each component to the vehicle with dimensional information. There is also a section of the brochure that explains and compares the company’s Click-N-Seal torque controlled connectors and ultra product lines for consumers.

But brochures aren’t just for companies. Texas Governor, Rick Perry, recently announced he will run for president and has created a brochure to help his fundraising efforts for the campaign. Perry reportedly sent the brochure asking four tiers of fundraisers and donors contribute to help his campaign reach specific monetary goals broken down by tier.

Because his fundraising plan is complex, the brochure was needed to break down the four tiers of donors, help donors understand which group they fall into and explain how much each tier needs to raise in order to fulfill his fundraising effort.

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