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Brochures Create Local Awareness

The Economic Development Committee in Groton, Massachusetts, recently had new brochures printed to raise awareness about the presence of local businesses in the town. The brochures are small enough to be easily distributed at key hot spots throughout the area, and contain information to inform consumers about local business offerings.

Nashoba Publishing reported that the committee chose a heavy paper stock so the brochures would remain durable, and put a picture of the town's historic First Parish Church on the front to highlight the community's rich history and civic pride. The brochures feature a street map of the town, highlighting local businesses, as well as an index for easy reference to company addresses and contact information.

"Also included in the brochure is the agricultural sector, the local farms," committee member Jane Bouvier told the news source. "Copies of the brochure are available at the rail trail, the Town Hall and at local businesses themselves."

In a similar plan, the Moorabool police department have printed a new brochure to create awareness of domestic violence. The Melton-Leader reported the brochure contains information about what family violence is, different types of family violence, the effect is has on children and contact information for those in need. The police are keeping the brochures in their patrol cars so they can easily distribute the information to families and residents in the community who might be at risk.

"Our aim is to try and stamp out family violence by educating the community about what family violence is," Sargent Ken Tingate told the news source

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