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Brochures can ensure public safety

Because the materials are easily distributed and hold plenty of information in a tiny package, brochures are a great way to create awareness or get an important message out to a large number of people. Once the appropriate content and images have been selected, printing brochures and finding places to hand them out to the public can be easy for any company or organization.

Montana news provider the Lake County Leader recently reported that wildlife managers in the area are using informative brochures to remind residents and visitors of the safety measures they should follow while out and about in bear country. An increase in encounters between bears and hikers prompted the managers to create a list of safety reminders, which were made available to visitors and residents at the FWP and USFS offices.

In addition, AZ Central reported that Metro trains in the Pheonix area have printed brochures and signs to to remind passengers not to run for the train. According to the Metro spokeswoman, the agency launches a safety campaign each year using brochures, pamphlets and informative posters.

Brochures and posters for the campaign have the message "Dying to get there? Don't run for the train. Your life depends on it." The launch of the campaign coincidentally overlapped the release of the Transportation for America safety rankings of 52 major metropolitan areas in the country. Oddly enough, the Phoenix-Mesa-Scottsdale metropolitan area was ranked the eighth-deadliest area by the national group.

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