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Brochures are more direct than the web initiatives

To some, brochures may seem like an archaic marketing technique. With the endless textual freedom of the internet, many are surprised that marketers would spend money on developing a highly textual and informative brochure for consumers.

But with the web, you can only encourage consumers to visit a site and read information, which turns out to be a series of steps from the consumer to the information you want to give them. Because brochures can be handed directly to consumers, it is an immediate step from the consumer to the information.

"Brochures are flexible, they can be mailed, handed out and they give customers the opportunity to digest the information they contain at their own pace," writes Claire Warrington. "Brochure printing can be an inexpensive way to promote your business in tough times."

However, it is important to think about how consumers will receive the brochures. You want the front image to capture their attention, spark an interest to delve further and then provide the rest of the information in the pages that follow.

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