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Brochure Printing To Improve Tourist Marketing

When people visit a city or tourist attraction, local businesses and companies often market through the use of brochures because they provide a large amount of information and graphics on a small, easy to transport marketing material.

CaymanMama reported that brochures are the best tool available for marketing to tourists, and that is why airports and other transportation stations are full of brochure racks. Brochures can benefit local malls, restaurants, theme parks, and tourism companies as they are strategically placed in front of the prime target: travelers.

Franklin, Virginia has recognized the marketing benefits of brochures as it will use two different kinds to market their downtown business district, the Tide Water News reported. The brochures, created by the Economic Restructuring Committee of the Downtown Franklin Association, will provide specific information to both tourists and citizens alike.

There will be a Downtown Franklin Shopping and Dining brochure and a Downtown Franklin Business Directory, both of which are aimed at promoting local amenities and businesses to members of the community and visitors. The committee plans to distribute the brochures in train stations, visitor centers, the Chamber of Commerce and local motels and airports.

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