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British Postcard Show displays postcards from artists around the world

The International Postcard Show in Nottingham, England, is underway this week, displaying 342 postcard artworks designed by local and international artists. Each card is 6" by 4" in size, reflecting the standard size of postcards and is on display in the city's Surface Gallery.

"We're always looking to put on shows where we can highlight work of emerging artists," exhibit coordinator Rachel Murray told the BBC. "The Postcard Show is an exhibition where anyone can submit art. And we show everything that is sent in.

Each of the 110 artists was permitted to send up to six postcards, with submissions coming from both Europe and the U.S.

The show has been running annually since 2001, offering emerging artists the opportunity to not only display their work to a large audience, but to have complete creative freedom in working with a canvas as small – and challenging – as a postcard.

As the founding of the annual International Postcard Show seemed to coincide with the emergence of instant communication via the web and mobile phones, it may reflect the gradual shift of the device from an actual communication tool to a novelty item or unique artistic medium.

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