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Bright Future Predicted for Direct Marketing, Including Brochures and Other Types of Mail

While some media pundits have issued dire predictions for the future viability of print marketing efforts, MagnaGlobal's researchers say such a view is seriously flawed, according to Direct Marketing News. The website reports that the analysis firm foresees upturns in revenue for brochures and direct mail.

The company acknowledged that its previous predictions about the medium may have been incorrect, according to Direct Marketing News, with global forecasting manager Alex Feldman saying direct mail revenues will improve of the course of the next half-decade by roughly 3.4 percent. He added, however, that print directories could be set to lose significant ground to the online market.

Another direct media technique that will see growth in the coming years, MagnaGlobal predicts, is paid search results through companies like Google. Competitive pricing makes it attractive to smaller businesses, Feldman told the website.

Those smaller firms should look to integrate print marketing with digital techniques in order to improve the efficiency of both, maximizing returns and – potentially – gaining a leg up on competitors.

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