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Brazilian Ad Firm Develops Aspirational Business Cards for Kids

Ogilvy Brazil, a branch of the famous New York City-based advertising firm, knows the ins and outs of design and marketing.

The company recently finished a project for the Red Balloon English school in Brazil that took the idea of business cards to a new level. Ogilvy Brazil asked young students what they wanted to be when they grow up and designed aspirational business cards for them to help encourage those goals.

Of course, some of the students' plans were somewhat fantastical, like Pedro Henrique Petroski's desire to become a "ninja ghost superhero with powers of ice," but that didn't stop Ogilvy from going ahead designing the full-color business card for him. Nor did it stop them from creating a "Dinosaur Hunter" card for Eduardo Zortea.

In regards to the project, Ogilvy affirmed its success by stating, "Result: more kids believe in their dreams and more parents believe in the importance of English for their kids' future."

The campaign also points out the visual and creative appeal of business cards, especially at a time when social media, email and other web-based channels are increasingly becoming relied-upon for self-marketing tools.

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