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Boosting Creativity in a Growing Ad Market

A recent survey by MagnaGlobal found U.S. advertising spending is expected to grow this year, as is marketing and other methods of promoting one's business. While technology has served to extend and diversify marketing channels, one of the most reliable platforms has traditionally been direct mail.

One of the reasons why direct mail is so popular is because its range of possibilities is limited only by one's creativity. Its high response rate and return on investment are also added benefits.

"It's sometimes the small things that can create loyal business customers," writes Matt Krautstrunk for ResourceNation. "Whether you are looking for a big business creative direct mail piece or you are looking to draft up something on your own … remember to target your customers and have a measurable goal in mind."

Krautstrunk references a number of different mailings that involve three-dimensional displays or play off of recognizable items such as receipts and wallets.

Most importantly, it is important that businesses, particularly small ones, recognize that as the advertising market expands this year, it is creativity that will help distinguish the best from rest.

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