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Bookmarks Spell Business For the Design Industry

Using a direct and targeted approach to find clients and customers is something with which all contractors and small business owners are familiar. Without the funds to lavishly spend on promotional campaigns, individuals and small groups have to zero in on their intended base and appeal to that set of likes and dislikes. Fortunately, there are some interesting ways to do this.

For example, people who have an eye for art and may be in the market for design work, photography or other creative talents are likely to read books quite a bit. The perfect tool for honing on these individuals would be a well-designed bookmark. In fact, a 2.5×7 inch printed bookmark can help to showcase the talents of an artist while hitting future clients close to the heart.

Without such direct and unique techniques, most freelance designers will struggle to find avenues for the work that they love. Handing out printed bookmarks is great for industry conventions, art galleries, small businesses and other places that potential customers might congregate. A printed bookmark is much like a free tool for the people whose attention is sought the most.  

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