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Bookmarks: Source of Information for Students

Bookmarks, a go-to source of marketing for many different types of businesses, also have serve an educational purpose. The Carrick Gazette recently reported the South Ayrshire Child Protection Committee in England is distributing bookmarks to students that includes a safety message and information on how to find help.

The bookmarks are part of a campaign to teach children that they have the right to feel safe. The message on the bookmarks outlines the proper steps to take if students feel threatened, and provides contact numbers children should use if they are in danger, according to the news source.

The chair of the Child Protection Committee, Joanne Sharp, told the news source "It's very important everyone knows and understands what to do if they are concerned about a child's safety and protection – this includes children themselves."

The Green Bay Press Gazette recently reported that students at West De Pere Middle School in Wisconsin participated in a bookmark making contest to promote energy efficiency in the school and the community. The theme of the contest was Doable Renewables: Renewable Energy in My Community, and entries had to highlight the potentials of renewable energy use in the community. 

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