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Bookmarks Are an Excellent Way to Promote a Good Cause

Non-profit groups have their work cut out for them. Without the large budgets that national corporations and other private enterprises have to raise awareness for their products and services, charitable organizations need to rely on alternative methods of marketing. Additionally, they have to rely on donations and other kinds of collection strategies.

Printed bookmarks are a great way to help with these efforts and are a valuable tool for many people who don't want to damage their favorite mystery thrillers. As a result, they'll be appreciated by customers and citizens to whom they're given. Once they've been inserted into a book, readers will notice them every time that they pick up or put down the book that they're currently reading.

The amount of information that can be encapsulated on a 2 x 6 inches bookmark or 2.5 x 7 inches bookmark is just enough to pique the interest of the user. Some forms of advertising, whether on television, in the newspaper or on the radio, are increasingly easy for consumers to block out. A bookmark is subtle, quiet and can include a call to action that will motivate readers and citizens to help out a group that's in need.  

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