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Birmingham News launches crosschannel marketing campaign this week

While newspapers continue to face declining advertising and circulation revenues, with online ad spending surpassing newspaper ads for the first time last year, local papers have faced particularly difficult times.

Even as the rate of decline has slowed over the past few months, newspapers such as the Birmingham News have been forced to embrace new and engaging marketing campaigns to remain relevant. This week, the Alabama paper launched a new crosschannel marketing initiative that utilizes print, social media, TV spots and outdoor advertising.

The theme of the campaign runs on the idea that newspapers are an integral part of peoples' daily lives – both personally and professionally – and that Alabama's news begins with the Birmingham News.

"This campaign is about reminding the community that the newspaper offers more than just news," said John Montgomery, president of Big Communications, the ad firm handling the campaign. "What comes off the press every day on 22nd Street is the knowledge we need to make our businesses better, the insight that helps us make decisions about our personal futures, and the true story of our community."

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