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Biodegradable Print Media Coming to the UK

Biomedia, a print media company, has developed a range of entirely biodegradable and recyclable print media products.

The products are said to have all the same properties as old print media, but will not be as detrimental to the earth like the old signs that were printed on PVC, which is about 57 percent chlorine and does not biodegrade. According to Biomedia, 33 million tons of PVC are produced annually worldwide.

After various international tests, the Biomedia product is able to biodegrade to dust in two to five years or be recycled. PVC, however, remains in tact, breaks into pieces and becomes a detriment to wildlife. Biomedia boasts a comparative, or even better, product as a PVC alternative that can work indoors, outdoors and will be unaffected by UV rays.

Biodegradable print material is the next step in a long line of green initiatives put forth by members of the printing community in response to consumers wanting to be more environmentally conscious.

The Industry Measure, which assesses trends in the graphics market, conducted surveys which found only 24 percent of graphics professionals chose to specify their own paper. This shows room for the consumer to proactively push for greener alternatives when creating their graphic productions.  

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