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Be simple, confident and clear in your print ads

While the print-versus-digital nature of the modern marketing universe can sometimes give the impression that businesses must choose between two separate and distinct mediums, it is not always that simple.

As today's media publications almost always have some sort of online presence that complements the original print version, it is not uncommon that they offer ad space for both. In other words, in exchange for buying advertising space, a print magazine, newsletter or newspaper may offer the same space on their website as well, thereby minimizing costs and maximizing exposure.

But as you begin to compose a message, design an ad or create a logo, make sure you remember that basic marketing and graphic design rule of thumb: simplicity is king. Don't get too flashy with design or too corny with a catchphrase. Confidence is perceived through performance and attitude, not type fonts and cliches.

"While leaving a customer wanting more may be part of a print advertisement's purpose," writes James Adams in Tom's Marketing Tips Blog, "unless there is good reason for it, you probably won't want to leave your customer without a clue as to what you are advertising, its name, how or where to purchase it and similar information."

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