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Basic tips for launching an email marketing campaign

On the surface, email marketing may seem simple or uncomplicated, but it requires a vastly different approach than other print or web-based mediums. For one, email marketing is about quality, not quantity. As so many consumers use email for personal and business means, taking the time to open and read marketing materials requires a carefully developed strategy.

Email marketers should be simple and to-the-point with their messages. Don't overwhelm targets or prospects with an ocean of text. Rather, embrace appealing graphic design to draw readers in.

Although complaints or discontinuity requests are to be avoided, they are still likely to occur. When they do, be respectful and compliant.

"If possible you should use an e-mail marketing provider, or email server software, that allows you to view a user's database record and learn where and how his or her email address was obtained," writes David Townsend for inc. magazine. "Complaints are usually quickly resolved when users are reminded where and how they opted in to the email program, and are given help unsubscribing."

Marketers should remember that consumers use email for their own personal business matters; it should be considered a privilege that they would allow a company into their inbox.

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