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As Marketing Industry Changes, Adaptation is Everything

As recent marketing innovations such as social media, search engine optimization and mobile location-based advertising have all but revolutionized the medium, opening new doors and opportunities for consumers and businesses alike, it can be difficult to stay informed and up-to-date.

"Web, retail, call centers, direct mail, email, social media – customers want to do business using the method most convenient for them," writes Dean Batson for 1to1 magazine. "As customer relationships have become more complicated, integrating and monitoring these multiple channels has also become more challenging."

However, it need not be so difficult. Businesses should seek to follow their prospects across media and stay in touch with them all the while, offering deals and rebates in a personalized manner.

A recent survey from the online business community Manta found nearly half of businesses plan to focus their budget on marketing in 2011. Accordingly, small business owners can expect marketing resources to be distributed across all media.

While it has been shown that direct mail items such as postcards and newsletters can help boost returns on cross-channel initiatives, it may be that the companies that are most able to adapt to new marketing phenomena and incorporate them into traditional strategies will be the most successful.

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