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As Economy Improves, Marketers Should Return to Print

The down economy has led many marketers and small firms to turn to online media, as many web services  are virtually free. However, most experts recommend businesses maintain an effective cross-channel marketing campaign, as this will maximize exposure and ensure a connection with more demographics.

"More and more owners are telling me that they are being forced to turn to internet marketing to promote their companies," said online marketing specialist Chancer Reese in a statement. "This is due to several factors. Of course the major one is the economy. In the past, many owners used traditional print advertising methods such as newspapers, specialty or trade magazines and the yellow pages to connect with potential customers."

Since the economy is beginning to improve – with gains in small business confidence, private lending, consumer spending and even employment – businesses can expect a return to traditional marketing media such as direct mail, flyers, postcards, TV and radio.

One could even look at the recession in a positive light and acknowledge that, if anything, it afforded marketers the time and opportunity to learn about and implement online marketing strategies.

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