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Amid declining sales, greeting cards take on a whole new holiday appeal

This holiday season, as consumers head to shopping centers and ecommerce sites and spend in record amounts, it is surprising that many people are neglecting the age-old tradition of sending seasonal greeting cards.

Over the past several years sales of greeting cards, as well as mail volume for the U.S. postal service, has slumped significantly as many consumers opt to stay in touch through social media or email.

However, some households are holding onto to the custom, with others even embracing it for the first time this year. Despite the emergence of technologies that allow instantaneous communication, what has always attracted people to the greeting card has remained largely the same. And that is the tactile, visual and even emotional appeal of holding something that a loved one put time and effort into sharing with you.

Amanda and Bjorn Beer, a Virginia couple, mailed Christmas greeting cards for the first time this year, citing the form's gradually diminishing appeal as the very reason to embrace it.

They want to keep the tradition alive, Amanda told the Roanoke Times. "I think written letters are a lost art."

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