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Advice for Creating a Memorable Logo

Creating a unique and effective company logo may not be the most pressing task for a startup business, but it is certainly something that should be considered down the road.

But when exactly the best time to begin worrying about a logo is may depend on the business' industry. Access to other resources, such as a good graphic designer, is also crucial. But more importantly, business owners may need to suppress their original notions of what quality means when it comes to logos.

For example, simplicity may be the most important element of logo design. When one thinks of the most memorable or recognizable logos – Apple, Target, Shell, UPS – they are almost always simple designs that a child could even draw.

Milton Glaser, who designed the famous "I Love New York" logo, is a strong proponent of such simplicity. However, he also argues that simplicity does not necessarily mean simple creation. Sometimes a simple design comes from something more complex and is gradually chiseled down to form.

"Doing a logo, you want to be memorable," Glaser told the blog Design Informer, "you want to be fresh, you want to be familiar enough so people will not reject you, you don’t want to be to complex, you want to have an internal joke."

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