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Advertising with print flyers in parking lots

Flyers are one of the most recognizable print marketing or advertising mediums – used in political campaigns as well as promotional gimmicks. But one of the controversial measures surrounding flyer marketing is that of placing flyers on the windshields of cars in parking lots.

Companies should consider a few things before forging ahead with such a plan. Although it can very effective – likely sparking enough interest to actually read the flyer – it can cause a backlash in the sense that, if it does not at all relate to the consumer, it is essentially a piece of garbage placed on his or her windshield along with the expectation that they take care of it.

To ensure flyers do not become mere garbage, marketers are advised to heavily consider the location at which they place the flyers. Be certain that the product or service being offered pertains to the nature of the business at which the car is parked.

There are also legal ramifications to consider. “As to advertising by putting flyers on people’s vehicles, you’ll need the landlord’s permission for that if the parking lot is considered private property,” writes Nina Kaufman for Entrepreneur magazine.

One thought on “Advertising with print flyers in parking lots

  1. I love hangning flyers. Just thinking about how many people can walk by the one you hang! You can make so many cosmic connections from just one flyer that you put into the world!

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