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Adopting greener print marketing practices

Most businesses do not deny the benefits of a print marketing program, especially in the context of a comprehensive multi-platform campaign. But what does irk some professionals is the environmental impact print can pose.

It's important to note that print is here to stay, but that does not rule out sustainable practices. More and more, companies and nonprofits associated with print marketing are embracing greener practices to reduce their impact on the environment. One such organization, Design Can Change, aims to guide print marketing through the stages of development with sustainable assistance, resources and guidance, as well as a heightened focus on "green design."

"When we think of greening print marketing, we often think about the production of printed pieces – the printing process, the consumables, the recycling," writes Heidi Tolliver-Nigro for "But greening print marketing starts much earlier, with the design of the piece itself."

Some of the steps involved in the design process that can be environmentally beneficial include avoiding metallic or fluorescent inks, buying lighter papers and using embossing or die cuts instead of additional ink.

Ultimately, it is up to consumers to determine their own environmental impact, and more often than not, it begins at the developmental stage.

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