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Adobe announces winner of graphic design contest

Adobe Systems announced earlier this week the winners of the software company's 10th annual Adobe Design Achievement Awards. The award honors the best and most accomplished students in the field of graphic design across 52 different countries and includes more than 20,000 participants.

"It's very important for design education to be engaged and involved in producing the kind of graduates who are going to change perceptions within the design industry – ones who will rock boats, rather than row boats and those who will continue to move the industry forward," said judge Lawrence Zeegen, head of school of communication design, Kingston University.

Contest participants were judged on originality, use of Adobe products such as Photoshop and the effectiveness of communicating ideas outlined in the contest stipulations.

The contest, which has been around since 2001, seeks to promote graphic design as a form of communication as much as it is a visual appeal. With more tools available to students through the use of digital technologies on top of internet ubiquity, graphic design has become a vital aspect of marketing and advertising.

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