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A style guide can help outsourced graphic designers adapt smoothly

As a business with a trove of marketing platforms, PR campaigns, products and services, you have a certain visual style that is uniquely your own. It comes from years of developing your company, sorting out ideas that work from those that don't, hiring and firing and adhering to a certain "brand vision."

Sometimes a small business' visual style is largely due to its graphic designer – a relationship that, if cut, can force a drastic shift in the company's image, potentially harming PR and even alienating customers.

If you've decided to go with an outsourced graphic designer, be sure to assuage the transition by administering a company style guide.

"For a small business, a simple style guide should have the preferred primary typeface/headline/header font and secondary typeface/body text font, primary and secondary colors and general rules for on-page spacing," writes Prasad Thammineni for Small Business Trends.

The goal, Thammineni adds, is that if a consumer receives mail from your company and then visits your website, then it is clear that – merely by design – this is the same company.

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