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A rundown of the print marketing message

In designing, writing or delivering marketing material, it's easy to forget that the purpose of marketing is not about what you can give them, but what they can get from you.

In other words, marketers need to remember that the prospect and his or her needs are the only things that matter. If you cannot grab consumers attention within 15 seconds, you've lost them.

"If you are creating an ad, tell them in your headline at the top of the ad," writes Joe Gracia for "If you are writing a sales letter, put it in your headline at the top of your letter … If you are talking to them in-person or on the phone, tell them upfront what you have for them. You see, even a face-to-face or phone contact should have a headline too."

Similar to how print materials should be the source that piques prospects' interest while online content serves as further information, the body of a print message should serve a similar function: to provide additional information about your company and the services it offers.

Finally, remember to include all necessary contact information or resources so prospects know how they can acquire your company's products or services.

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