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A Printed Gift Certificate Is the Perfect Way to Encourage Art Sales

Selling one's art in a gallery or shop can be a difficult task. Unless they're enthusiastic about painting, photography or graphic design to begin with, people just don't line up outside of museums and showcases to get the perfect selection from an artist's portfolio. This makes many painters and photographers very hungryindeed.

However, with some interesting marketing tactics and a little bit of creativity, purveyors of art can attract at least a few more folks into their shops and galleries. This is an excellent situation in which to use printed materials, and printed gift certificates in particular should work very well.

If artists or gallery owners give away sets of 2×3.5 rounded corner gift certificates, it can be an enticement to at least visit a store. Once there, the offer of $10 a purchase may be enough to make an art enthusiast out of anyone. Even 4×9 gift certificates or 2.5×7 printed gift certificates can be handed out on the street or at an event to pique the interest of a general public that doesn't traditionally embrace the arts.  

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