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A Photographer’s Printed Business Card Is Worth a Thousand Words

Business cards are important tools for making contacts, raising awareness and sharing a small sliver of one's talents. This is true for every profession, but especially for photographers – in addition to needing to immediately capture the attention of a prospective client, a photographer's card should illustrate how adept they are at capturing figures, moments and landscapes.

Printed business cards are usually offered in sets of identical designs, which are cheaper to produce and easy to handle. However, photographers that really want to make an impact can give away a variety of different cards. Those that are ordered online by emailing a design and can be delivered the next day are perfect for this sort of tactic. Photographers should choose a handful of their best shots and transform them into innovative business cards.

The savings can be put towards making sure that every potential employer, future client and interested party receives a handful of cards. This shows them that an artist is willing to put his time, energy and resources towards sharing his best work and demonstrates first hand the talent and skill required to take the pictures and select superior ones for use on cards. Photographic business cards, when used in conjunction with flyers, brochures and other marketing materials, can be cause for much of a photographer's success.  

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