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A Full-Page Flyer Makes a Strong Impact in Any Industry

Many types of printed materials are specially designed for different kinds of events, campaigns or organization. Non-profit groups may benefit from the large amount of detail available in printed booklets, while a private company that's hosting an event may find success by taking advantage of the brevity that a rack card or brochure provides. These are all excellent products, but a full-page flyer should be the tool of choice when attempting to make an impact with one's marketing.

Full-page flyers have a great deal of space on them – so much so that the emphasis of their design should be on bright colors, large letters and strong calls to action. Without using the ability of brochures or booklets to turn a page or separate information into different sections, flyers put all of their eggs into the one basket that is their front side. The entire message and energy of a marketing campaign is contained on one page when it comes to a full-page flyer.

These printed materials are therefore well-suited to art showings, live music events or other gatherings or institutions in which creative people will be found. The visual nature of a full-page flyer lends itself less to quiet and thoughtful people and more to those who feel their way through life.  

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