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A creative business card implies a creative business

Business cards have remained a popular self-marketing tool even as web technology has allowed for novel forms of communication through digital formats. Part of the reason why business cards have remained relevant is because of their unique capacity to creatively represent an individual or business.

Mark Jamroz, vice president and creative director of the Birmingham, Alabama-based Think Positive, spent $1,200 on business cards for his research and staffing firm. The cards, of which a couple thousand were printed, feature a flap that opens up to reveal personal and business information.

"'You are a creative agency, I can tell by your card.' That’s what people tell us," Jamroz told the Birmingham Business Journal. "It's a tool."

But Jamroz's idea is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to creative business cards. One couples therapist in Brazil had a business card with a heart, over which placed a flap that tears open along its center to reveal the cardholder's name and information.

Other ideas can involve three-dimensional designs. Even physical objects like blocks or pens should be considered business cards.

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