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A Brief Overview of Brochures, Posters and Business Cards

Most savvy business owners recognize the importance of print within their overall marketing strategies, but where many of them trip up is in deciding which materials – brochures, flyers, posters or direct mail postcards – are the most effective for their specific market needs.

That being said, it may be appropriate to consider the ups and downs of each medium. Take brochures, for example. These multi-fold pamphlets can pack a large amount of information about a company's products or services. However, because text is so dense, an effective copywriting and layout strategy is critical.

Posters and flyers, on the other hand, should run with less information, relying more so on specific calls to action and further methods of contact to spark the interest of prospects. Accordingly, business owners and marketers should pay specific attention to how they distribute these materials and how they will be perceived by consumers.

Finally, business cards are more like individual marketing tools, in that they are personalized and can be used as contact information in networking situations.

"A professionally printed business card is available and within your pocket’s reach," writes the blog Work At Home Supremacy. "Just make sure that you ask for a printed sample of the business card to ensure that the quality is okay with you."

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