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6 Tips and 6 Topics for Online Press Release Marketing

Press Releases used to be information communicated straight to the press – information that was “newsworthy.” Now, however, you don’t have to wait for TV Network A to come to you. Any person, or any company, can create an online press release in order to increase brand or product exposure.1 Press releases are a dynamite way to improve your SEO and drive some traffic.

Press Release Tips:

  • Links – to avoid looking spammy use 1 link or less for every 100 words of content
  • If you’re marketing to consumers give them a reason to click-through – like a free download
  • Write  a blog version of the news and submit to relevant social media sites2
  • Set up Google alerts so you can monitor press release results
  • Your first paragraph should sum up the story
  • Don’t manufacture news, keep it real

Topics that you might consider for a press release include:

  • Added products or product lines
  • Product improvement
  • New noteworthy staff member
  • Creating a new brand
  • Launching a new site
  • New company blog

There are a lot of online companies you can use to distribute your release. Some are free, some are not. Note of warning – avoid sites that put out spam releases because you don’t want your company to be associated with that. Here are some free sites that distribute press releases1 (we’re not making a recommendation, just letting you know what’s out there):

Don’t forget to Tweet a link to your press release and place the information on any other social sites you belong to. And just like other online content, your press releases need to be well written as well as optimized with relevant keywords.

Press Release Sample: Next Day Flyers’ latest press release

Rancho Dominguez, CA, May 5, 2010 — Next Day Flyers specializes in quick turnaround of full-color promotional materials giving businesses and event promoters the ability to have custom printed materials at the last minute. “Businesses often realize that they need an additional print run or an entirely new printed piece right before a campaign, or just before an event is about to take place,” says founder, and CEO of Next Day Flyers. “We want our customers to get exactly what they need without a sacrifice in quality – even if they only have one day to get it done.”
Read entire release here:


  1. Press Releases as Marketing Tools

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