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What’s Next – 6 Sure-fire Tips to Get Your Creativity Flowing

Whether you’re a designer, copywriter, marketer, or anyone who has to create on a regular basis, keeping the creative flow going can often be a challenge. Everyone gets burned out and has to replenish. When you find yourself in need of a creative jumpstart, try out the tips below.

1. Go off-task
Refresh yourself by creating something that is out of your usual area. If you’re a writer, draw a picture. If you’re a designer, write something. If you spend all your time on your computer, do something unrelated to the computer. The object is to get parts of your brain working that you don’t usually draw upon.

2. Make an unusual list1
No, don’t make a list of what you need to do, or buy, or want. This activity is creative listing. It’s fast, easy, can get you thinking in new ways, and frankly is a lot of fun. Because we’re nearing Halloween, try making a list of things that hide in the shadows. Or, if you want something a little “lighter,” how about a list of things that reflect? (for more creative listing ideas check out 25 Mind-bending Lists You Can Make to Generate Improvements in Your Creativity on my creativity and writing blog).

3. Admire someone else’s creativity
It’s well known that if you’re in a rut and feeling down, a great way to make yourself feel good is to help someone else. The same goes for creativity. Set your own stuff aside and then go out of your way to find something creative someone else has done. Then do something you may not normally do and send an email, or post a comment that tells them what an awesome job they’re doing.

4. Use the Thesaurus2
If you’re looking for a quick way to move through a creative block on a particular project, look up your primary image idea in a Thesaurus and then use the alternative words for a new image or word idea. (If you don’t have a great one on hand here as an awesome online Thesaurus).

5. Admire some mistakes3
If you’re feeling bad about being creatively down and out, take a look at The 101 Most Heinous Errors in Print. This will serve several purposes, 1) you’ll laugh, 2) you’ll find some inspiring images, and 3) you won’t put so much pressure on yourself to be perfect.

6. Work someplace new4
Wherever you work now, work someplace else for a day. Take your computer to the park or if you work at an office, work from home. Routine can stifle creativity so shake it up.

Next time you’re in need of a creative boost, try one of the tips above. And we’d love to hear what you do to get your creativity flowing when you find yourself stuck. Please post in comment section and let us know!


What’s Next?

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