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6 Free WordPress Portfolio Themes

If you are a graphic designer, an online portfolio is essential to growing your customer base and getting new clients. So we have found you 5 free WordPress themes that you can use to showcase the work you’ve created.

If you’re not familiar with WordPress, get familiar! It’s a popular blogging software used all over the internet. In fact this blog you’re reading is powered by WordPress.

Free WordPress Themes:


View Demo | Download



View Demo | Download



View Demo | Download


Vivee Portfolio

View Demo | Download


Desk Space WordPress Theme

View Demo | Download



View Demo | Download


7 thoughts on “6 Free WordPress Portfolio Themes

  1. Cool. Mr. Puggle, the blogging puggle, is on Blogger but I want to switch him to WordPress. Thanks. Jennifer-the lady that feed him.

  2. We might be using one of these themes for our organisation, we organize a party now and then in the alternative scene. If the chief agrees and if these themes are indeed easy to use, we’ll put some publicity for you.

    It looks professional, I will now dig into it and try to make them work 🙂

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