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Next Day Flyers Staff BBQ Photos

We aren’t all hard work at Next Day Flyers. We like to relax now and again and get all the departments together to have a good time. Eating, like working, is a passion of many of us here at Next Day Flyers.  Since Helen, our HR Manager, has come to Next Day Flyers we have celebrated our love of food in a few company-wide gatherings, thanks to her organization skills.

In August Helen suggested a BBQ and Chuck, one of our night printing crew, volunteered to cater the event.  With barbeque beef and chicken sandwiches, chips and homemade salsa (delicious!) we all ate our fill. 
Most of the time the “back of the house” (production) and the “front of the house” customer care, accounting, marketing and IT) don’t get see a lot of each other, but it was nice to share a meal and a beautiful August afternoon.

Thanks to all who pitched in…it was fun.

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