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7 thoughts on “5 Sites for Free Stock Photographs

  1. Stock.xchng, one of my personal favorite. In addition to their photos, they have great textures, cool vector images, and there are always artistic images.

  2. Are these sites really free when I go to see them I see fees for the shots. Why is that?


  3. Your blog is really terrific. You’ve introduced me (an amateur) to excellent resources that will surely improve the quality of my work. I was already a huge fan of Next Day Flyers, but you’ve won my printing jobs for life with this blog! (Now, if only the recession will relent enough for me to be able to afford postage again!)



  4. I have heard of Stock.xchng but not the other four. Thank you for the information. I will check them out. Very useful.

  5. Hey thanks for the great resources! I really appreciate all the info you put into this blogsite, very useful and informative!

  6. I think morguefile is really great resource. Decent slection, its easy to use and the easiest license for free photos.

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