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5 Low-Budget Ways to Build Revenue with Email Marketing

These days, it seems like everyone is looking for creative ways to make money without spending it. Sounds impossible right? And we all know that email is a great way to get your message across to your clients, but not everyone knows there are some simple things you can do to build revenue without overspending your budget. If used correctly and sent to a well targeted audience, emails can be an effective low-budget way to generate revenue and build strong relationships with your customers. Here are five simple and effective ways to use email to make a profit.

1. Abandoned Shopping Cart

Here are two ways you can use abandoned shopping cart emails.

  1. Encourage customers to return to your site by sending them an abandoned shopping cart email with the cart information. Make it easy for the customer to complete their purchase.
  2. The items in a customer’s abandoned shopping cart are most likely still relevant to that customer. Send out monthly emails featuring the items in the cart – particularly when those specific items or related products go on sale.1

2. Time-Specific & Hot Topics

Touch base with your customers on their birthdays, holidays, and during various seasons. And consider other timely emails that tie into current topics such as a down economy or an election. Use the email to tease customers with a time limited offer (Offer good through a set date) or other calls to action.

3. Thank Loyal Customers

When customers take the time to forward your email to a friend, send them an email note informing them their friend has received the information. This is a great opportunity to personalize the customer’s experience, reward them for their recommendation, and present them with relevant offers. 1

4. High Profit Customers

“Treat your best customers differently!” 2 Identify your high profit customers and send customized relevant emails to help increase sales. Consider developing a special offer just for this segment of customers to thank them for their brand loyalty.2

5. Triggered Emails

These are emails sent based on a customer’s specifications – such as clicking on a certain link or downloading particular information.3 If they click on the link for 5-star hotels they get the email about 5-star hotel specials – if they download the pamphlet all about climbing Kilimanjaro they get the email about hiking gear on sale.

When creating any email campaign use what you know, be true to your company message, and always track results so you know what’s working and what’s not.4 Consider giving all your email recipients the choice to “opt down” as well as opt out. Some people may be open to receiving emails but don’t want them as often as your company sends them out.


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