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4 great sites to find thousands of free fonts!

Recently updated on November 5th, 2017 at 11:27 pm

We’ve searched around the net, and found 4 very useful sites to help you build your font collection.

And we know first had managing these fonts can be hard. So we also found you some free font management tools.

PC: Font Xplorer, The Font Thing

Mac: Freaky Font Viewer


1. 1001 Free Fonts

Over 33 categories of free fonts

2. DaFont

Both Mac & PC fonts available

3. Urban Fonts

Over 8,000 freeware fonts


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2 thoughts on “4 great sites to find thousands of free fonts!

  1. Urban Fonts is a great site. I especially like the ability to preview what your text will look like prior to downloading. I use it frequently to match fonts that I get and can’t quite recognize right away. A great site!

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