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30 Tantalizing Typographic Poster Designs

Typography is one of the most important parts of any poster design. A large headline is commonly used in posters to draw people in from a distance so they can read more about the poster. Below are some amazing examples of poster designs that take the use of type to the next level.

By making the typography the central focus of these designs, these exceptional graphic designers have created some true one of a kind posters. If you decide to have a creative type poster made for your marketing efforts, just remember it’s great to be creative and innovative as long as you can still get your message across in your poster design and get your viewers to take action.

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Typographic Poster Designs

2 thoughts on “30 Tantalizing Typographic Poster Designs

  1. Eh – these are kind of disappointing. IMO, the best ones are the European ones – the Jazz poster and the French Film poster. I also like the Just Breathe and Orange Social. I like the style of the Bad Loans, but it gives the wrong impression – i.e., it looks like a book title or a theatre piece, not an educational lecture. I find most of the others difficult to read and/or throwbacks to old 70s and 80s styles.

    Is it just me? I’m curious to hear other opinions.

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