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3 Essential Steps to Designing a Professional Brochure

1. Know Your Target Audience

When it comes to direct mail and other forms of print advertisements, it’s essential that you know your target audience well. While printing brochures with is very affordable, it is still important that you get the biggest return on your investment. This happens by knowing your target audience needs, wants and delivering them information about a product or service they would be interested in.

Hold focus groups, send out surveys, offer bonuses for filling out feedback forms and do anything else you can think of to get more information about what your clients want and how they rate your product or service. This type of information is priceless!

A highly-targeted contact list is considered gold in both online and offline marketing and you only have one shot to make a first impression to your list. Its also important you never stop researching your target audience because their needs could change based on a variety of factors such as downturns in the economy, advances in technology or your competitor offering a new feature.

2. Keep the Content to a Minimum

We live in a world of constant information overload in every form of media you can think of. We are constantly bombarded by TV commercials, radio ads, internet banners, emails and more on a daily basis. This is why it is important that your brochures have only the most crucial information needed. Your brochures should talk about who the product or service is for, why its better than the competition, features, benefits, pricing and how it can be ordered.

Content formatting is very important in brochure design, because you want your brochure design to appeal to as many types of people as possible. Some people like to read in-depth information about a product or service, some just scan for titles and bullets and others simply want the brochure so they can remember how to contact you when they are ready.

3. Provide a Call to Action

A brochure is only good if it gets the viewer to take action based on the information provided. Your call to action could be anything from visiting a website for more information to calling a number. Your brochure should make the call to action clear and it should be the most prominent part of your brochure design. Everything in your brochure should be pointing toward making the reader act now.

There are a lot of extra things you can do to make readers act quicker such as offering a promo code that will expire on a certain date, offering a bonus for a limited time only or restricting the product or service for a limited number of people. Having customers enter in specific promo codes for your brochure campaign can also help you track your return on investment by enabling you to know exactly where that specific sale was generated from. This is commonly used in all forms of advertising such as radio, tv and print.

You should also use graphics, photos, bold text and other design elements to draw attention to your call to action so the viewer does not have to spend 10 minutes looking for a tiny phone number on the back of your brochure.


Know your audience and what they want, make the benefits clear and lead the reader to take action. When all the pieces are put in place, you will have a powerful marketing tool ready to generate you tons of new business. As soon as you are ready to launch your brochure marketing campaign check out NextDayFlyers for top-quality brochure printing, affordable prices and lightning-fast printing turnaround times.

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