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25 Geeky Holiday Greeting Cards

‘Tis the season to be geeky! The holidays are just around the corner so if you are planning to send out some greeting cards to friends, family and/or coworkers check out this fun collection of geeky holiday greeting cards from around the geekosphere for some inspiration. Which is your favorite geeky card? Feel free to link to any other fun cards in the comments! Enjoy.

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Geeky Holiday Greeting Cards

Ascii Holiday Card
By Nir Tober

World of Warcraft Night Elf Holiday Card
Found on

Blizzard Gaming Holiday Card
Found on

Rocket Santa Holiday Card
By Vince Chui

Mecha Nutcracker Holiday Card
By Vince Chui

Rockin Santa Alone at Home Holiday Card
By Mark Eiermann

The Last Christmas Holiday Card
By Penny Arcade

Sea Monster Ice Skating Holiday Card
By Penny Arcade

Merch Kills Santa Holiday Card
By Penny Arcade

Science Geek Holiday Card
By ShopGibberish on Etsy

This is a Fine Mess, C3PO and R2D2 Holiday Card
By BACLORI on Etsy

Vulcan and Klingon Holiday Card
By ursulaandolive on Etsy

Nintendo Controller Holiday Card
By JabberwockyNotes on Etsy

Pod Racer Sled Holiday Cards
By Kathryn Otoshi, Philip Metschan, and Angela Ursillo – Found on

Death Star Ornament Holiday Card
By Peter Chan & Daniel Colon, Jr. – Found on

Christmas Cheer, to the Power of Three Holiday Card
Found on

Storm Trooper Snowman Holiday Card
Found on

Nerd Holiday Card
Found on

I am so Blogging About This Holiday Card
Found on

Santa on Laptop Holiday Card
Found on

All in One Holiday Card
Found on

Note for Santa Geeky Holiday Card
Found on

Puzzle Maze Holiday Card
Found on

Blizzard Gaming Holiday Card 2
Found on

Probot Holiday Card
Found on

Hope you got as many laughs out of these as I did and please do link to any other funny geeky cards you find and we will try and add them to the list.

Happy Holidays!

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  1. The “Santa on laptop” card you found on was actually their passing on a card from Airmar, which manufactures the weather station on the right side of Santa’s sleigh. Santa’s getting a weather report via their software on his laptop.

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