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25 Best Business Card Designs of 2009

In honor of the new year and this past year we have rounded up some of the best business card designs of 2009. We have searched high and low in the design community for the greatest business cards to give you an idea of what designers are up to. We hope these great business card designs will inspire you and help you think of creative new ideas for your business card design projects of 2010.

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Best Business Card Designs of 2009








4 thoughts on “25 Best Business Card Designs of 2009

  1. Granted that your choices are all quite creative…but what criteria did you use to select the top 25? Did you test them based on effectiveness in different environments when people generally give out their cards? On the ratio of follow-ups to delivery? Or any other criteria based on effectiveness in generating new business? Isn’t that what business cards are for?

  2. relax michelle! its called Best Business Card DESIGN – not who made the most sales off their card. i think they are great, although i must say that the majority of the cards could not be printed at our favorite NextDayFlyers.

  3. Some very well designed cards here.
    Most businesspeople like to have the reverse of the cards left blank so you can write notes on them. Very old fashioned but very practical.

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