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Month: October 2011

QR Codes Go Through (or at least on top of) The Roof

For marketer who would like to get free advertising on Google, an Austin, Texas, firm plans to facilitate the placement of QR codes on rooftops. Phillips & Co.’s new service, called Blue Marble, offers a “space-accessible profile” for businesses, cities, schools that want to raise their profile. In addition to…

Photobomb #47: Tutorials, lessons, education and more!

This edition of the BOMB focuses on educational opportunities. Here you’ll find tutorials on shooting portraits, landscapes, families, children and how to review photography – both your own and that of others. Plus there’s good advice on how to take better pictures and some tips for beginners. Ready, aim, start clicking!…

Art of Design #37: In Typography, Context is Everything

(Or: How Having a Baby Made One Designer Appreciate Comic Sans.)

Vincent Connare’s simple and innocent type face has long been thought of as one of the low points of good taste in design. People who don’t even know what "sans" means are quite willing to pass judgment on this humble font.