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Month: April 2011

Paper and Its Place In Your Marketing Mix

Environmentally friendly          Global climate change             Landfill

Sustainable                              Eco-conscious                          Recycle

Carbon footprint                      Paperless office                        De-forestation

They are words we see in the news every day. Why? Because a growing number of people are concerned about the state of health of the global ecosystem in which we live.

Sweet Spot #22: HD Camera, Corner pocket

A couple days ago Cisco announced the end of an era. The maker of the trendy and stylish Flip Video Camcorder, Pure Digital, was acquired by Cisco in 2009 for a large sum, but now the popular line of pocket HD Cameras is being closed down. This sort of left me and a few others in a lurch, just getting into the market for a good, cheap, portable camcorder. Where do we turn to now? I think it could be toward the Kodak Playsport!

Graphic Design Roundup #25: Photoshop Tutorials, Free Vectors, Free PSDs and More

Marky V knows what you like. You like over a thousand photoshop tutorials, brushes & resources. You like free vector files. You like free PSDs inspired from Apple. You like to be inspired so much that you’ll never want to stop designing. Lastly, you like the Graphic Design Roundup and that’s why we give you the best we can find; because we like you too!