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Month: April 2011

The Art of Design #13: DVD Covers

Creative, alluring, magical, and downright wonderful art pieces. The DVD cover is really what will last when someone thinks of a movie marketing piece. It’s the item that the viewer keeps in their house, looks at everytime they watch the movie and reminds them why they love the movie in the first place. Make sure you are doing yours justice this week with a ton of inspiration, tutorials, free templates and more.

This week on The Art of Design: DVD Covers.

Tips & Bits #25: The Code That Can Help You Maintain Your Sanity

If you or your company creates documents, forms or other kinds of printed materials on an ongoing basis, the practice of labeling each issue with a Literature Code is worthy of your consideration.

Now you may be thinking that your business is too small for such a system – that you don’t have enough different kinds of materials to keep track of. The truth is, in addition to helping with the organization and categorization of a variety of printed materials, such a system is extremely useful in terms of ensuring that the most recent edition is being used and that out-of-date editions can be discarded or destroyed with confidence.

What’s Next: The Emerging and Exciting Role of QR Codes at Trade Shows

This topic was submitted by Toni Rahn for our featured article, What’s Next?. For her submission she has won $50 in print credits!

Dear Toni,

Thanks for the suggestion. It’s a good one and in researching it, the following new development made itself incredibly compelling to report on.